Monday, January 16, 2012

Moving into the 21st century

I just got an android phone for christmas and am having a blast. I haven't blogged in soo long, maybe  this will help.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

cheap valentines but took a long time

my daughter made these cute butterflies for her class party. the butterflies were templates and i just put a dum dum in them for a body.

a funny v day gift if u have the right person

one of my teenage sons friends has a reputation of smoking something not so good for him. Now seriously he is a great kid and he doesn't smoke pot, but for whatever reason his friends tease him about it constantly. so i made this for my sons friend as a joke. I took a fry box template put some loose candy in the bottom for weight then wrapped smarties in white paper to make it look like a cigarette. LOL...the box says it all. i didn't want to offend anyone so i didn't post this idea at my other scrapping sites.

other gift ideas

so for the girlfriends i took some plastic containers that some scrapping embellies came in covered them in rose paper and filled them with loose candies like tootsie rolls, bubble gum, life savers. then I made flowers by using a flower template, curling the edges a little bit and adding a dum dum as the stem. i used a leaf template as well. then i put 4 to six of the flowers in the "vase" I made. The loose candy kept the sticks upright and then i put tem in a plastic bag and tied with ribbon. a little cheesy, but it was free (i even had the candy left over from a school project).

Valentines day Goodies.

Ok so we are tight on money right now and the boys wanted to give their GF's something for Valentines Day. It is a little cheesy, but I thought I would post what we came up with.

ok so my daughter had to make a valentines box. i used a priority mail box and she striped it with red crepe paper, used my colluzzle stencil to cut out popcorn and glued popcorn to it to make a popcorn box.

My first blog

Honestly, I doubt i will be blogging much. I thought...sure...give it a try. But seriously with 4 kids all of their activities, a BF who keeps me busy and 821 layouts left to go in my scrapbooks, when will I find the time. Years from now my grandchildren will google me and find this be like Granny you never did anything. Actually, it is because I do too much that I don't have to time to write about it. Maybe that is why I scrapbook. A picture says a thousand words right?