Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentines day Goodies.

Ok so we are tight on money right now and the boys wanted to give their GF's something for Valentines Day. It is a little cheesy, but I thought I would post what we came up with.

ok so my daughter had to make a valentines box. i used a priority mail box and she striped it with red crepe paper, used my colluzzle stencil to cut out popcorn and glued popcorn to it to make a popcorn box.


  1. i didnt know how to add several pics to one post so there are several posts that all deal with the valentines day ideas. sorry for the confusion.

  2. this is a cute idea! my daughter is wondering what to give her boyfriend for V-day...I told her not to worry about it, let him get her something! LOL! I suppose I'm not much help!

  3. lol. that is what is nice about girls. unfortunately, I have 2 boys too. but the bank of mom had to close this year. this is the first time in 4 years that I have received something for valentines day. mainly because we are always spending our money on the boys to buy their GF's a gift. SO this year i told them they could MAKE their GF's something. luckily these are both relatively new GF's so i did not want to spend $30-$40 dollars on a GF that might not be around next month. harsh but true.