Thursday, February 11, 2010

My first blog

Honestly, I doubt i will be blogging much. I thought...sure...give it a try. But seriously with 4 kids all of their activities, a BF who keeps me busy and 821 layouts left to go in my scrapbooks, when will I find the time. Years from now my grandchildren will google me and find this be like Granny you never did anything. Actually, it is because I do too much that I don't have to time to write about it. Maybe that is why I scrapbook. A picture says a thousand words right?


  1. Ha, this made me laugh! I know sometimes life is way too busy to try to remember to blog also, but it is really cool to be able to look back and see so much about what your everyday life looked like at the time. Some of my friends only blog bi-weekly or monthly even...whatever works! I'll be following you...who knows what will turn up here! :)

  2. Good luck, and keep the posts coming you are off to a good start!